Mujo Suite

About the Suite

The title Mujo means impermanence in English. The word is particularly used in “Hannya-Shingyo”, one of the Buddhism Chants. One of the fundamental principals of Buddhism describes all the incidents that happen in this world are impermanent. Everything continuously changes and there are no single events that last forever. It’s been over six years since Japan had the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The disaster took many lives away and changed people’s living situations significantly. This suite is dedicated to all the victims of Tsunami as well as to many people who have lost their homes towns and loved ones. In this piece, I have utilized a taiko drums, a traditional Japanese drum instrument, into a big band jazz setting.

I. Finale 


II. Prayer


III. Prologue 

Reeds: Michael Strautman, Jon Tucker, Jeremy Powell, Joe Longardner, Darren Hipp
Trumpets: Juan Santana, Derek Blankenship, Michael Mower, Wesley Snedeker
Trombones: Dillon Swift, Steven Pair, Josepf Offner, AJ Douglas
Rhythm: Alfred Sheppard (piano), Sam Huff(drums), Chris Morris (bass),  Jeff Temple (taiko drums) Masayoshi Ishikawa (conductor), Chris Rottmeyer (piano on II. Prayer)